Signs it’s High Time to Hire a Paver Sealing Company

Signs it’s High Time to Hire a Paver Sealing Company

Signs it’s High Time to Hire a Paver Sealing Company

Concrete pavers can usually last unscathed for years before the first signs of damage appear, but this isn’t always the case. Certain factors can create the subtlest cracks in your pavers or sealant, which can grow into a big and much more expensive problem.

Pavers are usually the first thing people notice when visiting your property. They are as important as your house’s facade or clean interior. But how do you know when it’s time for maintenance?

Join us to learn more about the signs that show it’s time to hire a paver sealing company.

Nature Rears its Head Between the Tiles

Weeds growing between your pavers is the most common problem people face when it comes to paver floors. While it may seem minor and putting some tar on it might provide a fix, it can be a sign that the sealant on the entire area is starting to break down and needs replacing or refreshing.

While this is a job anyone can do on their own with store-bought sealant and a free afternoon, it’s wise to leave it to the professionals. This is especially true if you’ve done a previous self-lead sealing job; why would you need to reseal your pavers once again?

Sudden and Unexpected Tripping

The occasional raised tile is a subtle sign that it’s time for maintenance and can cause concern. It could mean the sealant from before has been damaged or broken. There are several possible reasons for this: 

  • a stray root under your paving 
  • the tile itself is cracked or damaged from below
  • something heavy pressing the pavement in the past, making it uneven.

This can also lead to injuries, such as tripping and falling over, if not checked out in time, a wrong bicycle turn, or even a stubbed or broken toe in extreme cases. If you bump your foot on the same tile repeatedly, it may be time to call a professional to step in and assess the damage.

Your Pavers Require More Cleaning Than Usual

One side effect of paver sealant breaking down is how messy it can make your pavement, driveway, or deck. Dirt escapes the cracks between tiles when the coagulant is down, scattering them all over. This leaves you with the difficult and recurring task of hosing your pavers down a lot more often than you need to.

A company specializing in pavers and sealing can help with this, as most businesses also offer power washing services. If part of a general maintenance session, they reapply new sealant between the pavers, giving your patio or deck a refreshed look.

Pro Seal LLC: A Paver Sealing Company You Can Trust

Regular paver maintenance can make it shine and look good for years. How do you know it’s time for maintenance? Weeds and moss growing between the tiles are good indicators, but so are bumps in the road or dirt. 

Pro Seal LLC is a premium paver sealing company you can trust. We offer roof and house power washing services, in addition to paver maintenance and seals. Just contact us on our website – it’s that easy!