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Our Sealers Will Extend The Life Of Your Hardscapes

Increase property value and add a curb appeal with our paver sealing and restoration services. We use SEK SureBond environmentally-safe sealer (with anti-algae and mold inhibitor) that dries in hours, not days. The result is a rich, long-lasting luster that will seal and protect your investment for years to come. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Our process includes pressure washing, re-sanding paver joints, and applying one heavy coat of sealer (optional second coat). Our durable solution lasts 3-5 years, creating a protective barrier against stains and weather while sealing joints to eliminate stray sand.

professional Paver sealing services


Won’t harm pets or plants, odor- free, no toxic chemicals


Provides a long lasting luster, algae and mold inhibitor, inhibits weed growth, easy maintenance


Dries in hours….faster than most sealers! Swim in your pool the next day


Driveways, walk- ways, patios, pool decks, walls, pavers, travertine, natural stone, concrete

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Why seal pavers?

While paver manufacturers may claim minimal maintenance, harsh weather, and aging impact the appearance of all pavers. Like polishing floors or waxing cars, patio pavers need sealing to restore their luster and provide protection against future staining. Trust our paver sealing services in NJ to revive and safeguard your pavers.

How long does it take to seal pavers?

Our efficient paver sealing service ensures your pavers are sealed in just one day. Unlike competitors, our sealers can be applied to wet pavers, eliminating the need to wait up to five days for joint sand to dry completely.

What is your paver sealing service process?
  • Inspection: We thoroughly inspect the paver surface for issues like weeds, stains, settling, or shifting. Efflorescence is also removed.
  • Repairs: Structural problems are addressed, and affected pavers are removed, re-stabilized, and re-installed.
  • Cleaning: Pavers are pretreated with SureClean detergent, power washed, and filled with PolySweep polymeric sand.
  • Sealer Application: Choose SEK Surebond Sealers for flood and finish coats or Splash Proof for one heavy coat.
What is the concrete sealing process?
  • The entire paver surface is inspected for stains and treated with the appropriate detergents; then it’s pressure washed.
  • Next, one heavy coat of Splash Proof is applied to the concrete.
When can I seal my newly-installed pavers?

For optimal results, we recommend waiting 3-6 months after installation to seal new pavers. This allows natural settling to occur and ensures a flawless sealing process.

Do you use polymeric sand in the paver joints when re-sanding?

Yes, we use SEK PolySweep polymeric sand between pavers. 

What types of sealers do you use to seal pavers?

We use either Splash Proof penetrating sealer or SEK Surebond Sealers.

What types of finishes do you offer?

Our sealers come in two styles: Natural Luster, which promotes the stone’s natural colors and results in a dry look; and Super Wet, which enhances the colors of the stones and results in a wet look.

Does it matter what time of year you seal pavers?

Our sealing systems require the ambient temperature of 50 degrees for curing purposes. We do not seal patios when overnight temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

Can you seal pavers if it’s going to rain?

We do not seal patios if there is rain forecasted within 24 hours of a scheduled sealing. The rain will dilute the sealer and affect the integrity of the sealing.

How often do you seal pavers?

It depends on the sealer. With SEK Surebond, we suggest you seal your pavers every three to five years. With Splash Proof, every six years.

How long does the sealer last?

Sealer lifespan varies based on environmental conditions and usage. High-traffic areas like public walkways wear faster than backyard patios.

Do you warranty your work?

We warranty all of our SEK Surebond sealers for 2 years on all of our residential work. Splash Proof is warrantied for five years for flat work and 10 years for walls and roofs.

What do I need to do before you seal my pavers?
  • Turn off timed sprinkler systems.
  • Avoid swimming in pools for at least 24 hours after sealing.
  • Cancel any scheduled landscaping during that time.
  • Clear all surfaces of furniture and plants. We can assist if needed.

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Pro Seal LLC’s professional paver sealer ensures a precise quote for your house, meeting your specific requirements. Trust our paver sealing services in NJ. Call us now.