6 Paver Sealing and Restoration Cues

6 Paver Sealing and Restoration Cues

6 Paver Sealing and Restoration Cues

Almost thirty percent of people claim functionality is the most crucial thing in a house’s exterior. We completely agree. A house can only be functional with a proper entrance. It is nearly impossible to beat the new paver feeling. Experts suggest regular sealing because of foot traffic, cars, and weather conditions. If expertly done, it can extend the lifespan of your pavers.

If you’re wondering if it’s high time to take action, you’ve come to the right place. These are the tell-tale signs you need to seek paver sealing and restoration.

Cracked Pavers

People usually neglect minor damage in their paver driveway, which is a mistake. Regardless of the crack’s size, address it quickly because prolonging the action results in further issues. The cracks can occur due to many reasons:

  • Unprofessional installation
  • Not cleaning your paving daily
  • Not preventing weed growth
  • Not resealing them regularly
  • Installation without any sealing at all

Though cracks arise more often in harsh winters, summer UV rays will not spare them either. If there’s major damage, a mere replacement won’t do the trick. Consider a major overhaul.

Missing and Loose Pavers

Borders falling apart, gaps between your pavers, sunken, raised, or wobbly pavers. Sounds familiar?

Not only do they not look good, but they threaten your safety by causing serious tripping hazards. Don’t compromise on the beauty of your outdoors because aesthetics and longevity go hand in hand.

Drainage Troubles

A functional paver can drain water immediately, so if it doesn’t, chances are you’re facing a problem.

Excessive water suggests that your surface is rough and irregular. Spotting this sign can save you valuable money because it’s an early indicator that can prevent further damage. The water can become an insect nest or a dirty puddle spot if it stays there. Replace it as quickly as possible.

Mold Growth

Poor drainage leads to another persistent issue – mold growth. Call professionals to fix your drainage and remove the moisture underneath to revive your pavers. A dry surface prevents molds from thriving, which is why proper installation and quality maintenance are the best solutions to mold growth.

Dark Sands

Always check the joint sand between the pavers. React immediately if the sand is dark and gloomy or doesn’t remain between pavers and erupts. The sand brings stability and firmness to your surface, so call for cleaning and resealing services to maintain the top condition of your pavers.

Visual Impact

Sometimes, there’s no need to look for severe and notable signs to change your pavers. Their colorless, dull, and unclean appearance are completely valid reasons to take further steps. After all, your property’s aesthetic value and the first impression it creates cannot be changed or corrected. Judging a book by its cover saves people’s time as they measure whether something deserves a second look. Your property is worthy of returning to its former glory.

Pro Seal LLC: High-quality Paver Sealing and Restoration

Pro Seal LLC is not your average company – we blend aesthetics and practicality while doing paver sealing and restoration. Our ICPI-certified team doesn’t stop at maintaining your pathways in an impeccable state. 

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