Reasons Why You Should Coat Your Garage Floor

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Reasons Why You Should Coat Your Garage Floor

Does your Garage need an overhaul?

If you’re looking for a way to protect the surface of your garage floor, then look no further than coating it. Coated floors are equipped to resist moisture, dirt, oil, and chemicals that erode the unprotected surface of concrete floors over time.

If you live in an area where winter brings frozen water that expands when exposed to heat or direct sunlight, like Northern New Jersey, then this might be causing your garage concrete to take damage over time. It would be best to hire professional garage floor coating services to take care of the issue.

Benefits To Coating Your Garage Floor

There are plenty of benefits to coating your garage floors. Whether you’re using epoxy, acrylic, urethanes, or poly aspartic coatings, each coating system has pros and cons. However, their main purpose is to provide your garage floors with the following – 

  • Protection From corrosion
  • Protection against oil & gas drips
  • Resistance to cracking, peeling, and shifting
  • Resistance of Abrasion
  • Easy cleaning
  • Prevention of liquid absorption

Benefits of Working With GraniFlex

While most other sealant and power washing companies usually work with coating systems mentioned above, We at Pro Seal LLC work with GraniFlex. 

GraniFlex is a permanent, flexible, and decorative coating system superior to epoxy and other polyaspartic systems. Here’s how the GraniFlex technology works –

Flexible Penetration

To prevent bubbles, peeling, or delamination, GRANIFLEX penetrates deep into the pores of the construction materials. GraniFlex can withstand high negative hydrostatic pressure due to its flexible penetration! 

Elongation Memory 

GraniFlex retains its original shape and size even after being compressed and released. This prevents the material from deforming, which is a primary cause of coating release from intense pressures such as freeze/thaw cycles, water pressure or gas pressure, vibration, and abrupt shock.

Permanent Elongation

GraniFlex can stretch 590 percent and never hardens or cracks. Unlike other coatings, it retains flexibility and strength. GraniFlex penetrates and reinforces weak concrete or mortar joints so that no layers may separate from unstable substrates. 

Let Pro Seal LLC Help You Renovate Your Garage

If you’re in the Northern New Jersey area, want to overhaul your garage, and are looking for whoever has the best garage floor coating materials, you should contact Pro Seal LLC. With our expertise, our highly trained crew, and GraniFlex technology, we’ll make sure to get the job done within a day.